Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Productivity Experiment: Day 33

As I write this, it is past my bed time. This experiment was probably one of the least scientific experiments I have ever undertaken. I can't even compare this to previous time periods where I had freelance assignments, as the situation was completely different. Several factors are different. Among them:

-Health. This last week, I've been having stomach issues. Read my first month of blog entries and you'll see why. No, I didn't have any more Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but I did end up having dim sum with my family last week Sunday. It's been months since I've last eaten actual dim sum and I completely forgot how much grease is in it. My body can handle sugar, but it simply can't handle large amounts of grease. If I'm in pain, I really don't feel like working.

-Weather. This weather has been too nice to stay indoors.

-Lack of direct internet connection. As you know, my regular computer isn't hooked up to the 'net right now, which makes sending articles to my editors very difficult.

Oh, wait...those weren't actually different factors, they were really excuses. If I didn't have a short attention span, I would have gotten a lot more work done.

Still, throughout the entire experiment, I was able to get some things accomplished.

-Found a new job. Well, two actually. I've spent about two weeks working as a student painter, but the work is only on-call, so I ended up getting another on-call job with BC Liquor Distribution. I love scotch...I love scotch...scotchy scotch scotch...here it goes down...down into my belly...

-Finally finished all the transcriptions. This is the most tedious part of the writing process, and if it were a lot more entertaining or there was a faster, more efficient way of doing it, I would've finished it in less than a day. As it is, I just finished them today. While I was working for about two weeks, I could've easily finished them earlier if I really felt like it. Sadly, I didn't really feel like it.

-Nailed down full-on backflips. I've been leading up to these for the better part of a year now, especially with assistance from spotters and equipment. I ended up bruising my left heel (the actual bone part, not just the skin) and it hurts to do some things. One of the instructors at Capoeira says just ignore it. Okay.

Eh, who am I kidding. I could've easily accomplished all of these things in a week. I've been at this experiment for over a month now!

My to-do list: revised.

-Finish articles
-Finish articles
-Finish articles
-Register for school in September (got sick of the $8.50/hr bullshit, so I'm going back to school to get me an edumacation)
-Figure out love life (this one is an ongoing process)

I am moving this Wednesday, so that day will be a complete write-off in terms of getting this stuff done.

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