Friday, July 02, 2004

The productivity experiment has come to a close and it has proven absolutely nothing. Having all the comforts of home taken away clearly does not enhance productivity by any means, because if you have a short attention span, you'll find some way to procrastinate, especially if you're faced with a particularly tedious task. But, my editor seems pleased with my work that I've submitted, so I'm on the right track.

As those are aware, I finally moved into my new place with my mom a couple of days ago. However, I'm not really "moved in" per se, because the place was far from completed by the time we arrived. As we arrived, there was still lots of work that had to be done. As expected, certain appliances weren't installed and there are always a few kinks that have to be worked out. However, the walls were not completely painted, the trim isn't completed, and base board was falling off in certain spots.

Hence, I cannot completely unpack or put up any furniture like book cases, because they're just going to have to move it again so they can access the wall behind it. At this rate, it'll be several weeks until I'm completely settled. Normally, if the place was complete, there'd be the simple matter of getting everything unpacked and set up. That hasn't quite happened.

However, this does give me more opportunity to work on my article, because I can't exactly goof off by watching TV (cable has already been hooked up, and all my DVDs are still packed in a box somewhere). But I am nowhere close to being able to entertain guests.

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