Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Broken Window Theory

The Broken Window Theory suggests that failure to clean up any sort of building defacement will eventually result in the said area eventually degrading into a complete crap-hole. Okay, not quite in such terms, but it seems to suggest that small little things, allowed to accumulate, eventually snowball into something much larger and harder to contain. Conversely, fixing small problems immediately puts a stop to that.

Take my building, for example. Unfortunately, people in my building a very poor sense of etiquette when it comes to properly disposing of large items of trash like furniture. The corridors of the building are being used as trash dumping grounds, leaving others to take care of the problem. I'll occasionally pick it up, like if someone leaves a few bottles and cans, from which I can get a deposit. But lately, it's been getting ridiculous and the items being dumped around are getting progressively larger and larger.

As of this writing, I count two televisions, three chairs, two bed frames, two mattress/box spring sets, a dresser, and two couches that have been just DUMPED there with no one to claim them or take responsibility for them. I have half a mind to take each of these items and set them on fire in the middle of the night. All I know is that because one person is willing to dump something there, everyone else feels free to, in spite of a sign saying "No dumping, fine $1000". With no surveillance, who's going to know?

With all of this happening, I suddenly feel less and less motivated to clean up after the dog after she does her business on the lawn behind the building. I mean, the dog's leavings will eventually biodegrade after less than a week, plus they will also add to the compost and help encourage grass growth. That old television? It'll biodegrade too. After about a thousand something years.

We really need to move.

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