Monday, October 31, 2005

The Death of a Customer Service Provider

Is it just me, or has customer service in general really taken a nosedive as of late?

#1: Since finishing my contract with Rogers AT&T wireless back in June, I decided to change cellphone providers, having been offered a pretty sweet deal with Fido ($15 camera phone, $25/mo w/free voice mail and call display, free iPod Shuffle). So, I call them up on Saturday to get them to cancel my old plan. Lo and behold, the cancellation department isn't open on the weekends, so I have to wait until Monday to call.

Monday, the person on the other line is about to charge me a fee for breaking contract (usually $100+) and then I find out that there is a 30-day window between putting in a notice for cancelling a phone, for which I will be billed the time for a phone that I don't even want anymore. I raise a large enough stink and manage to convince them that the contract ended several months back, but I'm still paying for a month of phone service. Can someone please explain the logic behind this?

[ADDENDUM: Okay, so I find out that Bell Mobility forces a 30-day lag on cancellations too. Why isn't there more rioting in the streets?]

#2: Last November, I had my entire collection of DVDs stolen, which was being reimbursed through my insurance company. Allowing A&B Sound to handle my claim, I was slowly rebuilding my collection, trying to be a lot more discriminating when it comes to whatever DVDs I choose this time around (the best thing about having your DVDs stolen is that you get rid of a lot of crap that you have no intention of watching more than once).

Funny thing was that A&B Sound was in the process of changing hands, having declared bankruptcy protection. So, any claim that was filed prior to March 2005 was invalidated, although they were continuing to process claims as a "show of good will." All of a sudden, as of September 2005, these are summarily cut off. I contact my insurance adjuster and A&B's creditors (via KPMG) and they offer no recourse whatsoever.

Way to rebuild your customer base.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

I'm surprised that I haven't done this to my car yet!

I probably shouldn't be wasting my time on this crap when I actually have an assignment due tomorrow, but I gotta say, it beats the pants off of playing Xbox and watching TV. Just gotta wait until the paint fully cures on the Brazil phone and then I can apply a few layers of clear coat for that extra sheen (the green paint is a matte finish) and to maintain the appearance (Testor's model paint tends to absorb skin oils and get icky looking after a while).

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mike "Big Daddy" Schindelka and yours truly ("Class Klutz, 1995")

Buncha people (Andrea King, Jeff Miller, Palmira Villareal, Tony Abramski)

L-R: Brandon Easton ("King of Outer Space, 1995"), JT Gasler ("Loudest, 1995"), Marie Sawchuck and Guest, Carlen Herbosa, Lynn Fontanella

Todd Hounsell (with the Mrs.), Angela Poss, Sandy Hammersmark (with the Mr.), Tania Decock ("Class Flirt: Female, 1995"), Kevin Tomyk, Jacques Fillion

Bryan DeLeon, Janice Vibar, Katherine Menesis ("Most Active, 1995")

Big Daddy behind the axe

Ted King cleans up

Tony Abramski, Danny Nootebos, Jayme Huppert

The organizer, Nicole Godin ("Queen of Outer Space, 1995")

Tabitha Colt, Tania Edwards, Mary-Anne Castro ("Most Athletic Female, 1995")

"F*** the surgeon general!" Tony Telan

Ryan Evans, Maureen Hetzler, Frank Harrington ("Best Dressed", 1995), Danny Nootebos

Ben Yu ("Class Rebel, 1995")

"Stellllaaaaaaaa!" Jen Alexander and Yours Truly

Bryan ("Most Likely To Come Back to Holy Cross and Teach") and Carla DeLeon

Mark Pacheco, bustin' a move

Jen Van Elslande and Heather Corrin

John and Heather Parent

"Pump up the jam...pump up the jam..." Front: John McLeod ("Most Athletic Male 1995"). Back (L-R): Katharine Menesis, Judith Appenzeller, Catherine McDonald.

Neil DiGuanco, Carlen and Jayme Huppert ("Best Couple, 1995")

Well, it came and went. The 10th year high school reunion was not as bad as I was expecting, people were surprisingly civil to each other, although old cliques still remain. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Unfortunately, a lot of the photos kinda suck (ie: severely out of focus, not framed properly, not exposed properly). Thank goodness that digital doesn't really cost anything.

Outside out a small handful of people, everybody was recognizeable (even after about three drinks). Some were successful, some were married, some were cagey on what they've been up to. Didn't have to tell anyone that I invented Post-It-Notes. And best of all, my major plastic surgery and radical weight loss plan panned out perfectly (inside joke, sorry).

Memorable moments:
-Ben Yu ("Class Rebel") giving the middle finger to Todd Hounsel (Student Council President) for no reason whatsoever while Todd was acknowledging the people that came from out of town (Ben came from Calgary, fyi).
-Leigh Turnbull almost taking out a lighting fixture when attempting a handstand on the dance floor.
-Performing a head-slide across the dance floor and NOT taking out a lighting fixture.
-Mike "Big Daddy" Schindelka opening up the dance floor with two rockin' blues numbers on guitar.
-The fact that most of the class actually remains recognizeable after 10 years.

See you all in ANOTHER 10 years after more wrinkles, bigger pot bellies, more grey hair, and farther receeding hairlines.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

"Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?"
-Alexis "Urso do Cabeloduro" Mazurin, December 31, 2004

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