Tuesday, July 20, 2004

So, given my previous to-do-list, here's what I got...
-First draft of long article for Fangoria magazine: COMPLETE.  This wasn't as hard to complete as I initially thought.  It's amazing how easy one can fill space.
-Map out schedule for fall semester: UNABLE TO COMPLETE.  My sister has been on me to get me to map out my schedule for weeks.  I guess it's been a while since she's been to any post-secondary institution, because I went on the website and they won't even let me look at it until my actual registration date.
-Unpack everything/clean room: INCOMPLETE.  I actually have a legitimate excuse for this, believe it or not.  Being that I was unexpectedly called in to work on Friday, Saturday, and Monday, plus I had a social obligation I had to meet on Sunday (Mia, the daughter of one of my friends, was baptised on Sunday.  I ended up being in charge of taking photographs.  Don't ask why.).
-Memorize martial arts sequence for upcoming belt testing: COMPLETE.  Heck, I'll even bang out the movements by memory.
1: Ginga (basic swinging movement of Capoeira)
2: Galopante (open hand slap)
3: Ponteiro (toe kick)
4: Quixada (circular kick, from inside to out with front leg)
5: Meia Lua de Frente -> Armada De Costa (forward crescent kick -> spinning heel kick)
6: Au (evasive cartwheel)
7: Bencao (thrusting push-kick)
8: Saide au (evasive cartwheel, moving around opponent)
9: Role (rolling crouch)
1: Ginga (basic swinging movement of Capoeira)
2: Cetula Alta (probably mispelled...hand block)
3: Grava de mao (again, probably mispelled...low block)
4: Esquiva -> cabecada (dodging evasive movement -> headbutt to solar plexus)
5: Resistencia -> Negativa (defensive crouch -> defensive crouch with outstretched foot)
6: Cabecada (headbutt towards escaping opponent)
7: Negativa (defensive crouch with outstretched foot)
8: Tesoura de Costa -> Cabecada (preparation for scissor-hold takedown -> headbutt to chest/face)
9: Au (again, cartwheel).
-Read Sun Tzu's The Art of War: INCOMPLETE.  I got this as a birthday present from my older sister.  This is technically leisure activity, so it can really wait, though.
-Spend no more than 30 minutes/day on video games: ACHIEVED.  Well, sorta.  Outside of a few hours spent at the Playdium video arcade with some of my best friends to celebrate my birthday (about a week and a half late!), Grand Theft Auto Vice City has remained in its jewel case as has Need for Speed Underground.  But then, my copy of Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix finally arrived in the mail.  But you could argue that it's also exercise...
-Donate all useless crap (old books, clothes, etc.) to charity: INCOMPLETE.  Partly because the truck from the Developmentally Disabled Association hasn't figured out where we live yet, but mostly because I still haven't had time (or haven't gotten around) to sorting everything.
So, with that done...
To Do List, (3rd Week July)
 -Sort out boxes and stuff, clean up room.  This is important as I sort of told my friends that I'd be organizing a housewarming in August.  I can see this being a problem if I end up working lots this week.  After a long day of painting houses and spending half an hour picking bits of latex paint out of my hair, the last thing I feel like doing is more work.
 -Deal with student loan crap.  Being that I'm going to school full time and I dunno if I can find part-time employment, something's gonna have to give.  I just have to figure out how to read all of those forms!
 -Second draft of Fangoria article.  I may have to come up with a new introduction.  I also have to fax my editor a copy of the phone bill.  I interviewed two screenwriters from LA for aboug 69 minutes (about 12-pages of interview transcriptions!) and my mom just about had a shit when she saw the phone bill.  Okay, she really didn't.  Possibly because she knew (assumed) I'd be paying for it.

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