Thursday, June 17, 2004

Productivity Experiment: Day 21

After spending 8 hour working days and losing 2 hours in commuting, and then another hour and a half removing layers of skin in order to remove paint from my arms, legs, and face, I am typically too bagged to do anything else. Add Capoeira classes to the mix, that eats up about 1.5 hours, plus 2 hours of commuting. My time management skills are in dire need of a shake-up, as this leaves very little time to work on any sort of article. So, I have decided one thing: if I stop sleeping, then I'll have more time to work on my article. Mind you, the article will be unreadable drivel, but it'll be complete unreadable drivel.

I actually wrote myself an extensive to-do list for this week, which I have no chance in hell of completing, given my current level of committment to time management. While I haven't played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in about a week and I haven't been watching that much television (although I did catch "Next Action Star", which was fairly entertaining), I'm still not having enough time to do stuff.

Luckily, I have a fairly generous deadline, but as Murphy's Law (or some variation) dictates, no matter how much time you are given to do a project, it will expand to fill in all the available slots. In other words, if not for the last minute, nothing would be accomplished.

However, I did accomplish one thing...I finally can do backflips without landing on my head. My ankles really frickin' hurt because I still have to work on my landings. I was able to do this because last night, I went with a bunch of people from my Capoeira group to the beach. After watching a fellow student who's been training and performing Capoeira non-stop for the past seven years doing backflips and back handsprings (Hi, Ronald!), I just said screw it and went for it.

I triumphantly yell out, "I did it! No spring boards, no spotters, I just did it!" I then proceeded to collapse in pain because the feeling of exhilaration and triumph was quickly replaced with a dull pain coming from my feet.

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