Monday, June 07, 2004

Productivity Experiment: Day 11

This productivity experiment isn't actually proving very much and I'm seriously considering abandoning it altogether. But then, it could be because I have done absolutely squat when it comes to my article (my weekend was spent going to Capoeira classes and playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City). One thing that is becoming clear is that if you have a really short attention span or just don't feel like doing the tasks that you have assigned, it doesn't matter how hard you try to limit your distractions. Murphy's Law (or a variant of) dictates that a task will expand to fill all available slots. I'm living that right now.

While I no longer have my old dayjob, I have managed to secure on-call work as a painter. As I am now going to be slightly busier, it'll somewhat simulate the conditions when I was working on my last article. Mind you, my editors have actually assigned me TWO articles, both on the same subject. I haven't even started the second part of the transcriptions. Got about two pages, lost interest, then started playing GTA: Vice City.

Now that's a truly fun time waster. I'm still stuck on that one mission where you have to use RC model airplanes to drop bombs on speed boats. Well, time to break out the cheat list...although I'm thinking that might not help.

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