Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Out like a Lamb
(the title has nothing to do with this blog, but it's an appropriate way to end the month)

This blog has taken on a bit more of a political bent than usual in recent weeks, as I have written about racial stereotyping, sex education, black market organ trafficking, and the oil crisis. It's been suggested that blogs are the new political medium. Indeed, with these things popping up everywhere, it's not quite hard to get the message out.

But, when you consider how many messages there are to choose from, it gets a little more difficult. There are several blog provider services outside of this one, and the subject matter is scattershot in each one. The large majority of them are personal (talk about friends, family, and local going-ons), while an unhealthy portion of them are dedicated to advertising (just click on the Next Blog icon a few times and you'll find ads for cell phone ring tones, payday loans, and refinancing your home).

Given my number of hits, I can't see this blog changing the world any time soon, but if I can open the eyes of the one person who passes it onto the next...

Although I might need a little more T&A in this blog for that to happen.

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