Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bad guys: 1, Vince: 0.

You'd think I'd learn after all these years to never park at the Scott Road Skytrain station, but like a girl who you really need to stop seeing, I continue to leave my vehicle for upwards of 4 hours at a time when I go off to do my Capoeira classes.

Long story short. The driver's side lock was jimmied, so it doesn't quite work the way it's supposed to anymore. They left the stereo behind because it was secured and the faceplate was not in the car, but they took the stereo mounting kit (!) and my garage door opener (!!).

So, let's recap my day. I blew a midterm and my car got broken into. Bad things happen in threes. It's a good thing there's only 27 minutes left in the day. Maybe I should go to bed early, but I think I'll wait it out and see what happens.

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