Monday, March 21, 2005

The poem:

"I am..." (excerpt)

I am nondescript
I go into a store where my friend works
I ask the guy behind the counter if he’s working today.
The guy behind the counter goes to the back to see if he’s there.
“Who is it?” my friend asks. “I don’t know,” the guy responds, “Some white guy.”
The prize

Having entered the President's Writing Contest on Diversity hosted by Douglas College, they decided to publish my entry in the 32-page anthology. Apart from the honour and prestige of being published in an obscure literature anthology, I am the proud owner of five copies of "Diversity 2005" and a Douglas College coffee mug (which was empty...d'oh!). Also, to help out with expenses, all published winners received a $20 gift certificate at the college bookstore. Given the current pricing of text books, I can expect that to pay for one chapter out of my next batch of text books.

Not that I'm ungrateful, by any means. After all, you know what they say about gift horses and mouths.

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