Monday, May 31, 2004

Productivity Experiment: Day 3

Being that I essentially have no Internet on Sunday (most public libraries are closed and I'm too cheap to go to a web cafe), that gave me more opportunities to do work instead of goofing off. However, one thing I'm finding is that there are other ways to get distracted.

But, first, here's what I managed to accompish:

-Completed article for
-Did about five pages of audio transcriptions for my article for Fangoria magazine.
-Completed another level on Need for Speed: Underground.

Okay, two outta three ain't bad.

I'm probably one of the least disciplined people around when it comes to time management, and I'm really starting to suspect that I may qualify for medical intervention for attention deficit disorder (refer to previous blog for more details).

But, as I'm no longer checking my e-mail every thirty minutes, surfing my favourite sites every fifteen minutes, and getting up to grab snacks every ten minutes, I'm actually feeling a little more productive. Even the fact that the hotel I'm staying at has extended cable (including music videos, sports, and cartoons), I'm not watching more television than I did at home. Besides, all the season finales for the shows I regularly follow have aired.

I have written up an extensive to-do-list for this week. Among the items:

-Complete transcriptions for magazine article. I'm about 33% finished, although ideally, I should be completed the first phase of interviews before Tuesday, because that's when I go in for eye surgery and I'll be effectively blind and very unproductive for most of the day.

-Transmit article to This one will take all of thirty seconds. Provided that I can find a way to do so! Either I fax it in, forcing my editor to manually type it in, or I find someone who's willing to let me use his or her computer and e-mail it.

-Follow up on job leads. I have two parties I need to contact, and after that, it's just look for more work. That might be difficult, as I only have sixty minutes on this computer terminal to look up the job sites.

-Contact my former employers about my record of employment. I still have to give the Human Resources Department of Canada that piece of paper so I can collect EI. If I can't find any sort of work between now and September and I don't collect EI, I'll have to dip into my savings, which are supposed to go towards school.

Now, if you'll excuse me...I have a to-do-list to tackle.

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