Saturday, May 01, 2004

April was essentially the month from hell. Having getting my hours slashed at my dayjob (partly because it's more cost effective than firing me or laying me off -- no need to pay severance fees that way), getting into a car accident (that still isn't completely fixed), having my father pass away, and then attempting to get another job, but blowing the interview would probably render the month of April a complete write off.

May started off with another zinger. They slashed my hours AGAIN. Now, management can't even have the decency to fire me, instead they insult me by attempting to sugar coat it (what am I, 5 years old?). From what management tells me, I'm left with two options. Either quit, or hang on. Wow. Tough choice.

All I know is that staff morale has been going in a downward spiral for the past two months as the company "changes directions." There was a time when there was enough togetherness that if anyone was to leave the company, there would be a get together for a proper send-off. Even though the turn-over rate has been getting significantly higher over the past few months, we've seen a complete drop off in get-togethers.

I wanted to start off the month of May strong, but instead, I can start if off clean. Better than nothing, I suppose.

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