Tuesday, July 05, 2005

It's what I call the Brazilian equivalent of birthday bumps (see July 5th 2005 entry under archives).

In my Capoeira group, we have a tradition called the Birthday Roda. Roda (Portuguese for circle), which involves people (other Capoeiristas, observers, etc.) gathered in a circle while two players do their moves (kicks, sweeps, flips, etc.). In the Birthday version, you have to go against everybody.

My body frickin' hurts from being taken so many times. I probably spent more time on my ass than on my feet. I can barely type this because I fell on my right wrist and I'm probably going to be walking funny for the next day or two. And I've got a camping trip with my Capoeira group this weekend. More pain.

Speakin o' which, one of the traditions at the Capoeira camping trip is the Costume Roda. I designed a t-shirt as part of my costume (photos to come) and asked my mom to help, given her level of expertise (she makes a lot of her own clothing). After watching me painstakingly cutting out the patterns I wanted to attach to the shirt over the course of two hours, my mom got frustrated and took over. I will never, ever complain about the price of clothing ever again.

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