Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I got my first real six-string / Bought it at the five-and-dime / Played it till my fingers bled / It was the summer of '69
-Bryan Adams, "The Summer of '69."

right thumb: Literally played guitar until my fingers bled (Sunday night).

left arm: rope burn from game of tug-o-war on Saturday. Our team, "The Hatchets," came second place.

left leg: multiple mosquito bites incurred on Sunday that didn't show up until Monday. Currently treating with Benadryl antihistamine cream. Not pictured: mosquito bites on right leg, right shoulder, back of head (!).

right leg: Saturday afternoon, attempted a backflip off of an inflatable floating platform into the Okanagan, but instead of landing in the water, bounced off the platform and THEN landed in the water. One witness likened it to a pinball. I made a small laceration on my leg, after which I proceeded to bleed on the PVC raft. I had to quickly wash it off because they might be returning it to the point of purchase.

face: Saturday morning, failed to realize how sharp the rocks are at the bottom of the Okanagan. Currently treating with a combination of topical antibiotics and wet bandages.

Not pictured:

left hand: blood blisters from gripping Maculele (Brazilian fighting sticks) too tight
back: sebaceous cyst, popped and drained (one fellow camper got the whole thing on video). Will likely have to go to a doctor to have it completely removed.

Conclusion: I am DEFINITELY going for next year's camping trip. More non-injury related photos of the camping trip to come.

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