Sunday, March 14, 2004

I'm not a violent person. For the most part, I have gone most of my 26 years without having gotten into a fist fight, especially over trivial matters as to whether or not the ball was in or not, or whether or not that was a foul. The world is supposedly less violent than it was before, although one wouldn't necessarily know that based on media coverage. As a result, there are fewer and fewer good reasons to act violently.

But then, every so often, you meet certain people that you just wanna punch. Not for reasons of self-defence or because they necessarily did anything to you personally, you just feel that they deserve to be punched.

This is not directed at anyone, merely person types. You see people like this all the time. So, without further ado:

The people that you just wanna punch:

1: The public transit shoplifter. This is the person who rides on public transit, carrying around hundreds of dollars of stolen property. I saw this one guy on the bus, wearing about 3 weeks of dirt on his face and clean looking track pants that were worth at least $80 (obviously shoplifted from the rack). He was wearing a bunch of rings, all of which still had the price tags on them. He also had a portable stereo system that had the words "Property of Cloverdale Community Center" written on it. He was also trying to sell the rings that he was wearing.

There is a strong probability that this person is doing it to support his addictions, but to flagrantly flaunt stolen property around is an open invite for a closed fist punch to the face. Not to mention his actions have immediate consequences for the people around him, like the dozens of people that have use of that portable stereo system with various classes and the like. Not that he cares -- it's buying him two hits of crack.

2: Person that lets their cell-phone/pager go off in the movie theatres. I took my mom to see Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings and there was a group of teenagers, all of whom had cellphones. Not only would they not shut up during the course of the movie, their cellphones continuously beeped and went off during the showing.

Actually, not so much as punching them, as I felt like taking their cellphones and smashing them. That's funnier. Besides, I'm not going to do that in front of my mom.

3: Punk-ass with a laserpointer in a movie theatre. This has replaced the jar full of butterflies as the modern movie theatre annoyance of choice. I was obviously not the only person that disapproved, as a chorus of groans went up as soon as the dancing red dot hit the screen.

For cripes sakes, punk. If you don't like the movie, JUST LEAVE.

4: Person distributing sign-language cards. While I do believe that it is a worthwhile cause, most of the time, it is a person who is pretending to be deaf, which is really taking money away from the people who really are hearing impared.

I don't need a sign language card to give them a universal gesture to tell them to leave me alone.

5: Visibly pregnant woman smoking cigarettes. Okay, okay, now this one's a little harsh. I don't believe in violence against women at all, except in self-defense situations. But then, if I paid another girl $20 to punch her upside the head, that would probably be okay.

Harsh? Perhaps. But if you'll notice, the common thread among the five is that they are all people who put their own wants and convenience ahead of those around them. Lacking common courtesy, outright disrespect, and just plain disregard will get people on this list.

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