Saturday, April 21, 2007

After reviewing my blogs, all of them, I have come to the realization that I've become incredibly negligent in my blog posts, outside of posting links to self-indulgent YouTube videos (next up: see how fast it takes me to solve TEN Rubik's Cubes!). Strangely enough, this coincides with me finding a new job. Hence, no posts in the entire month of March.

These past few months have reminded me of how incredibly fortunate I have been. After years upon years of struggling to find myself, I've managed, seemingly through no fault of my own (note the qualifying adverb "seemingly"), to find somewhat fulfilling employment (more on that later) and end up in a very fulfilling relationship with someone who actually "gets" me and supports me in the stuff I do and actually makes me feel good about myself.

About the job. It's been a matter of a fit, which I haven't exactly found even after 6 weeks on the job, for which I'm probably a lot more willing to let slide than I should (refer to blog post on 2007 New Year's Resolutions for more details), although my significant other (Hi, Denise!) agrees that my talents are best suited for a different type of environment. So, lo-and-behold, when I receive the "this-isn't-quite-working-out" speech, the following day, I receive a phone call from an HR manager from a company which employed me last Fall, recommending me for another position.

I interviewed today, and ka-ching, I get it. Sometimes stuff just falls into place.

Life is good. Not as good as some, but better than most. I'm not sure who I'm supposed to thank, though.

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