Friday, January 05, 2007

Now THIS is funny.

This opens up the whole thing about subjectivity and how if you tell someone enough times, you can actually convince them that someone looks like someone else, sorta like how you can start seeing shapes in clouds. Given that it's a computer that came up with this, it uses mathematical algorithms to determine similarity due to placement of facial features, shadow depth, closeness of skin tone (although with lighting, it's also subject to change), and the like.

That still doesn't make it accurate, though, as computers aren't always that good at recognizing colours (especially with lighting). That, and the database doesn't have a whole bunch of Asian actors in it. I'm not thinking that the software is especially sophisticated, at least when it comes to the malleable nature of faces, as it also is based on whatever photos that they have on file. Just on a whim, I submitted a few different ones with different smile types and found that I could be a potential match to Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Cho (AKA "MILF guy"), or Magic Johnson.

With more sophisticated technology, such a 3D laser scanning, then this could be much more accurate. But, it's something kinda neat that you can brag about and show to your friends.

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