Tuesday, September 26, 2006

They can put a man on the moon, they can regrow tooth enamel, and the 500 channel universe dictates that there is ALWAYS something on. Yet they still can't cure the common cold, nor can they make it go by any faster.

Thursday started with me waking up with a sore throat, which has since been followed by chugging back cup after cup after cup of hot tea. Certainly, I've never been more alert at work. Given that I haven't gotten around to getting a tea kettle for my apartment, that means I'm the most "healthy" at work.

Generally speaking, I tend to feel better when I'm showering, eating, exercising, or eating. Sadly, I can't do all of these things while I'm at work. Out of desperation, Saturday had me heading to the local nutrition store for echinachea drops and oil of oregano, which according to the bottle, is supposed to help with upper respiratory infections. Echinachea drops are 40% pure alcohol per volume while oil of oregano tastes mildly Italian, followed by a severe burning sensation that makes your eyes water. The treatment is almost worse than the disease.

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