Monday, September 05, 2005

Toquinha (yours truly), Ingrasado, and Bala

Roda: Cacau vs. Tubarao

Roda: Barravento (L) vs. Fala Mansa

Meet the Mestres, Contra Mestres, Instrutores, and Professores

Maculele: Leo and Veneno

Roda: Instrutor Instigado and Contra Mestre Fabio (mid-air)


Contra Mestre Gordo leads the roda

Ache Brasil Calgary

Mestres of Capoeira. L-R: Mestre Eclison, Mestre Elisio, Contra Mestre Fabio, Contra Mestre Gordo, Professore Sapo, Mestre Elias, Profesore Reni, Monitor Super Homem, Instructore Instigado, Mestre Batata

Capoeira bateria (musicians)

Three days of music, martial arts, dance, and acrobatics equals one sore back, stiff hips, calloused feet, and split skin on my hands from endless clapping. Oh, and I am also the proud owner of a new belt level, moving up from verde claro ("light green") to verde escuro ("dark green"). Thus was the annual 2005 Batizado weekend with Capoeira Ache Brasil. Will remember to train extra hard as to qualify for an amarelo ("yellow") belt next year.

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