Friday, May 27, 2005

Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method

The Sonar @ 66 Water Street (experimented without flash)

What's up with the guy in the bunny suit?

Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, working the crowd.

Shake it, baby.

Self-portrait under the least optimal lighting conditions. L-R: Melissa Choo, Vince Yim

Scott Kirkland playing "Bad Stone" from the album Vegas, while politely asking everyone to make their way to the exit. "Good night, Van-City!"

Being that I had the foresight to wear earplugs this time, there is no equalization period for my hearing to return back to normal. Very kick-ass show at an itty-bitty venue with lots of great tunes played. Many tracks from Community Service 2 as well as some out-of-left-field surprises, such as remixed bootleg of Blur's "Song ^2". Open-toed footwear is not recommended.

Decided to show my stuff with the b-boys by mixing a little Capoeira onto the floor, pulling backflips and stuff (never mind the fact that my breakdance skills are minimal). Before I know it, someone shoves a ticket for the upcoming Hybrid show into my hands. He must know the promoter or something.

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