Wednesday, January 05, 2005

It has begun.

After spending the better part of a weekend of cleaning up my area to make it more presentable for guests during Christmas and New Year's, it has all been shoved aside as now it is time to buckle down and concentrate on school. As it is, I decided that last semester was not nearly stressful enough, juggling regular school assignments with a part time job and attempting to maintain some level of a personal life (which hasn't gone as well as I've been hoping).

So, this semester, I'm taking an additional 3 credit course (total number of credits: 16, vs. 13 last semester), plus my editors out of New York assigned me two films to cover, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Underworld 2. That, and I decided that I had too much spare time, so I'm now volunteering three hours a week for Adbusters magazine. My part-time job starts again this weekend.

Now what the hell am I doing blogging? I got an assignment due tomorrow!

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